Diamond Sponsors

Sholom & Esther Laine &
the Laine & Cadaner Families

Ruby Sponsors

Mr. Chaim Tzvi Nash
Mr. & Mrs. Claire Grunwald
of Claire Accuhair
Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchok Skoblo
of Ella Wigs
Rabbi & Mrs. Pruss of
Everything but the Baby
The Sushi Spot
Mr. & Mrs. Drimmer of
A&B Appliances
Mr. & Mrs. Steinbock of
MattressFactory Outlet
Mr. & Mrs. Greenbaum
Rabbi & Mrs. Ari Raskin

Sponsors of the Evening

Ben Zion Kohen Caterers
Meir Kohen Mermelstein, Caterers
Mendy Raitport, Crown Kosher

Loyal Friends

Mr. & Mrs. Dovid & Malkie Smetana
Mr. & Mrs. Ari & Malkie Sperlin
Mrs. Straus & Mr. & Mrs. Shimon Strauss
Mr. & Mrs. Shlomie & Linda Gutleizer
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron (Leli) Hershkop
Mr. & Mrs. Feivish & Tamar Pewsner
Mr. Kramer of TGI Furniture
Milano Wigs
Mr. & Mrs. Putter & family
Mr. Chaim Salomon
Mr. & Mrs. Ehud (Eddie) Mantel
of Blue Ribbon on J

We extend our most sincere apologies to anyone whose name has been inadvertently omitted from this booklet. We would like to thank all those who have sponsored, supported and will attend our auction. May Hashem grant you the continued ability to give in good health, with happiness and benevolence until Moshiach comes!


Auction Comittee

Rabbi Sholom Avtzon • Rabbi Abraham Stein • Rabbi & Mrs. Heshy Korenblit • Dovid Hershkowitz • Frumie Avzton • Chavie Cohen • Sarah Rivka Zirkind • Mrs. Sarah Szanzer • Mrs. Simcha Hecht • Mrs. Devorah L. Dechter • Mrs. Amy Adi

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Thank you to our dear friend, Chana Shloush: Thank you sincerely for your creative writing contributions! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Photography by Israel Oradovschi of
and Boruch Ezagui

Party planning and setup by Simchas By Tzipporah: Thank you Mrs. Hahn

The United Lubavitch Yeshiva & Hamesivta of Ocean Parkway Staff

Rabbi Shmuel Dechter • Rabbi Shmuel Fogelman • Rabbi Avraham Rosenfeld • Rabbi Avraham Stone • Rabbi Sholom Baras • Rabbi Michoel Harari • Rabbi Abba Piekarski • Rabbi Levi Rose Principal Secular Studies

Rabbi Sruli Edelman • Rabbi Levi Grossbaum • Rabbi Moshe Tzfasman • Rabbi Yaakov Magalnic • Rabbi Moshe Reinetz • Rabbi Zev Greenwald • Rabbi Moshe Rendler • Rabbi Sholom Avtzon • Rabbi Yaakov Eckhaus • Rabbi Yosef Ben Tzion Raices • Rabbi Moshe Goldman • Rabbi Yankel Feinberg • Rabbi Mendy Baras • Rabbi Shmuel Goldman • Rabbi Mattisyahu Herrara • Mrs Majesky

Menahel Rabbi Moshe Lieblich • Rabbi Avraham Stroh • Rabbi Motti Perlow • Rabbi Dovid Zirkind • Rabbi Yehoshua Lefkowitz • Mr. David Gorkhover • Mr. Dovid Hassan • Mr. Shmuel Hellinger • Mrs. Ravit Twito Secretary

Morah Fruma Belenov • Morah Neomi Baum • Morah Olga Yousseflaleh • Morah Esther Hutchinson

Mr. Menachem Nevo • Mrs. Amy Adi • Bassie Fass • Sonya Salikhad Babizhaieva • Aaron Behdadina • Gedalia Zlata • John

It is only through the support and generosity of these benefactors, and the benefactors noted throughout the book, and those who wish to remain anonymous, that we were able to make this auction a success. You are true partners in educating the future of Klal Yisroel. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to the above-mentioned people for their tireless efforts and continued support that helped to make this evening a success.