Chai Partnership Drive

Dear Rabbi Dechter,
When it came time to register our first son, all the Yeshiva Principals informed us that their Pre-1A classes were full. However, many of our friends were able to register their sons after we were declined. We then realized that registration in other schools was full for those who canít pay full tuition.

We then came to you. You tested our son and accepted him, and only then were we told to discuss tuition with the Committee. In all honesty, we were afraid of what would happen; however, Rabbi Fogelman dealt with us in a firm but understanding manner. Our son loves Rabbi Eidelman and loves to go to Yeshiva every day. In simple words in ULYOP the childís needs are first and foremost.

Thank you,
Eliezer & Chani

My dear friends, need I say more? The Rebbe guides us in the way of Chazal that the Torah is the inheritance of every Jewish child – yes, even those whose parents are undergoing financial hardships and cannot pay proper tuition. We will not turn a deserving child away because of it.

However, this causes undue hardship for our excellent and devoted staff of dedicated and caring melamdim, morahs and teachers. There are too many weeks that we cannot cover the payroll, We ask you today to please join us in our Chai Partnership Drive.

Choose the amount that you can help us with on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis. There are so many Jewish children here in Brooklyn who are counting on you.

Yes! I want to support the wonderful work of ULYOP